Summary of Past Proceedings


Presentation Presenter
15 Years of June VHF Contest Activity in the ARRL Southeast Division Steve Kostro, N2CEI
A Legendary Tropo Opening: The September 1979 VHF Contest Paul Trotter, AA4ZZ
WSJT-X Mode MSK144 and VHF Contesting Tony Emanuele, K8ZR
Leveraging JT65A/JT9 for 6M Contesting Success Dennis Kosmetatos, N4NIA
Reviewing the 'Hentenna' Loop Antenna Gary R Greene, W2ZV
The EME Misadventures of K4SQC and W4ZST Bob Lear, W4ZST
Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) and HamTV John Kludt, K4SQC
Miniaturization of Standard Microwave Circuits Steve Kostro, N2CEI
A Quick and Easy Way to Get Started with The Analog Devices ADF4351 Synthesizer Mike Stipick, KC4RI
High Frequency Terrain Analysis: 6M Analysis of Contest QTHs Sherman Banks, W4ATL
Foliage Attenuation at V/UHF and Microwave Ben Lowe, K4QF
Presentation Presenter
Sources of Noise in Microwave Systems Chuck Hoover, K0VXM
Automating NF Measurements Mike Stiick, KC4RI
W4PLB/B Beacons George Presley, K4RSV
33cm Band Plan Discussion Mark Casey, K1MAP
VHF/UHF/Microwave Contest Forum Steve Kostro, N2CEI
Connecting Multiple Antennas with an FCC Combiner/Splitter Ben Lowe, K4QF
ARISSat-1 Performance Gould Smith, WA4SXM
Modifying the W6PQL LNA for 50 through 432 MHz Operation Gary Green, W2ZV
Working Towards a 24 GHz Station Jeff Kruth, WA3ZKR
Elecraft XV432 Transverter Upgrade Bruce Randall, NT4RT
Working Half the USA on 2M and Up Charles Osborne, K4CSO
N1MM Contest Logging at AA4ZZ Multi Liumited Station Ken Boyd, K4DXA
A Panadapter for the FT-2000 on 6 Using the Funcube Dongle Jim Worsham, W4KXY & Bob Lear, W4ZST
Presentation Presenter
Microwave Frequency Management Kit Lirpa Loof, GOI0FY
Trans-Oceanic VHF Ducting Subsidence Temperature Inversions Dave Pedersen, N7BHC
Tower Talk on Ten (10 GHz TV Tower Reflections) Ben Lowe, K4QF
How Crystal Filters Can Improve the TS-2000 and other Radios Paul Trotter, AA4ZZ
Working VHF, UHF, and Microwave DX Chuck Hoover, K0VXM
Roving with Large (1m) Dishes Stephen Hicks, B5AC & Jim Reese, WD5IYT
2 Watts on 24 GHz Using Surplus mm-Tech Power Amplifiers Paul Drexler, W2PED
L and S Band Very Low Noise Amplifier Designs Tommy Henderson, WD5AGO
Five Band Rover Mixer Module and Switch Using the ApolLO-32 Frequency Synthesizer John Logsdon, K2STO
Digital Dish Pointer for Automatic Dish Pointing Stephen Hicks, N5AC
Design, Prototyping, and Debugging of a 9 Band VHF/UHF Transverter Switch Michael Stipick, KC4RI
N4BX GriDXpedition to Fox Mike 13 Joe Barkley, KI4TZ, Pat Patterson, N4BH, & Rick Porter, AA4SC
Design and Realization of a Dual-Band Mobile CW EME Station Fletcher P. Veitch, K3JYD & Martin Berkofsky, KC3RE
2 Meter FM DXing Skip Teller, KH6TY
Reinventing the Wheel, Part 2: Advanced Stacking Techniques Using the Super Wheel Tom Haddon, K5VH
Manifold for the Magic Microwave Frequency Local Oscillator (1,800 MHz) Ben Lowe, K4QF
Trans-Oceanic VHF Ducting – A Simple Multifunction Beacon Dave Pedersen, N7BHC
Digital Station Enhancements Phil Theis, K3TUF
Presentation Presenter
Real Power On 2.3 GHz Steve Kostro, N2CEI
Directly Synthesized 47 GHz Local Oscillator Garry Hess, K3SIW
Some Notes on Drilling and Tapping Chuck Hoover, K0VXM
Some Ideas For Tower Trailers Bob Lear, W4ZST
Noise and Noise Figure/Time & Frequency Standards Charles Osborne, K4CSO
VHF Digital Voice Transceiver Moe Wheatley, AE4JY
A Software Defined Rover Army Curtis, AE5P
A PVC Antenna Mount for Big Rovers Marshall Williams, K5QE
Efficient Circular Polarized 13cm Feedhorns in Low f/D Prime Focus Parabolic Reflectors Tommy Henderson, WD5AGO
Deep Space Reception Paul Marsh, M0EYT
Commanding the AO-51 Satellite via UHF/VHF Links Gould Smith, WA4SXM
AMSAT and the Eagle Satellite Rick Hambly, W2GPS
Are You Wired for 220? Ben Lowe, K4QF
Wire-Grid Polarizers: The Key To A Better Antenna Philip Gebhardt, VE3ACK
Low Cost Bi-Directional VHF/UHF Gain Antennas Bill Fisher, W4GRW & Ron Baily, AA4S
Presentation Presenter
VCXOing DEMI LOs Steve Kostro, N2CEI
K2 IF-verter Ben Baily, W4SC
Transverter Interface for the Elecraft K2 Bruce Randall, WD4JQV
Build a 432 Beacon! Tom Haddon, K5VH
Quick Fix Four-Way VHF/UHF Power Dividers/Combiners Ben Lowe, K4QF
2 Meter Lowe's Loop Ben Lowe, K4QF
Using Radar Data to Predict Rain-Sactter Paths Andy Flowers, K0SM
Some Tools and Techniques for the Home Brewer Chuck Hoover, K0VXM
Short Wavelength Communications with Amateur Satellites Gould Smith, WA4SXM
The SDR-1000 for VHF, UHF, and Microwave Bob McGwier, N4HY
Software Defined Transponders, Future AMSAT Missions: Phase 3E and Eagle Tom Clark, K3IO & Bob McGwier, N4HY
Roving Paul Goble, ND2X
3 dB Beyond ESP Charles Osborne, K4CSO
The Design of a Four Band Remotely Controlled Microwave Installation John Sublette, K4TO
903 MHz Transceiver on a Retiree's Budget J.G. 'Bunky' Botts, K4EJQ
Presentation Presenter
The Most Fun You Can Have With A Rock Dennis Motschenbacher
Software Defined Radios: The Future Is Now Bob McGwier, N4HY, Gerald Youngblood, AC5OG, & Eric Wachsmann
Amplifier Protection J Liebmann, K5JL
Portable EME Yagi For 6 Meters Tommy Henderson, WD5AGO
Some Notes On Crystals And Oscillators Chuck Hoover, K0VXM
VersaBeacon Project Moe Wheatley, AE4JY & Peter Ibelings, N4IP
2 Watts on 24 GHz Using Surplus mm-Tech Power Amplifiers Paul Drexler, W2PED
The SpaSpur Fence Ray Rector, WA4NJP
The New K4UHF Beacons Ott Fiebel, W4WSR
Auto Track for Windows Rick Royston, KF9ZZ
Deep Dish Feeds for 222 and 432 MHz Ray Rector, WA4NJP
Pointing an EME Antenna Bruce Clarke, W0YW
Analysis of the K4QI Parabolic Dish Feed Paul Wade, W1GHZ
A Cheap and Easy 1 to 15 GHz Spectrum Analyzer Using A Hewlett-Packard 934A Harmonic Mixer and a Panadapter John Franke, WA4WDL
Making Every Digit Count: A Modern Conversion Article John Franke, A4WDL
Planar and Corner Reflectors Revisited L.B. Cebik, W4RNL
Portable RF Sniffer and Power Meter Paul Wade, W1GHZ
The WA5VJB LPA Antenna as a Multi-Band Dish Paul Wade, W1GHZ
UHF/VHF Television Antenna Combiner John Franke, A4WDL
Checklist For Successful 50 MHz EME Contacts Using JT44 Lance Collister, W7GJ
Yet Another Weak Signal Source Chuck Hoover, K0VXM
IARU Proposals For 24 and 47 GHz Narrowband Working Frequencies Dick, PA2DW
Presentation Presenter
Preliminary Studies of Long Boom Yagis for 420-450 MHz LB Cebik, W4RNL
50 MHz DXpedition Amplifier Chris Gare, G3WOS
High Performance GS-15B PA for 23 CM Paul Goble, ND2X/5
Helical Feed Antennas Paul Wade, W1GHZ
Receiver Test Procedures Owen Wormser, K6LEW
Lightning Protection Bob McGraw, K4TAX
A Cheap Relay for QRO 6 Meter Amplifiers Ray Rector, WA4NJP
Sliding Load? What the Heck? Who Cares? Owen Wormser, K6LEW
Tower Mounted Position Indicator Ray Rector, WA4NJP
Today and EME Ray Rector, WA4NJP
K4BWX, Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, AL 1954/55 Ruddy Ellis, W4LNG
EME with BY4BJA from WA4NJP Ray Rector, WA4NJP
Russian Power Tubes in Amateur Radio Paul Goble, ND2X/5
Some Novel Antennas for VHF/UHF Dale Parfit, W4OP
Using Andrews Connectors & Cables at Microwave Frequencies Tom Whitted, WA8WZG
Interfacing Transverters with the Elecraft K2 Transceiver Steve Kostro, N2CEI
Design Techniques for VHF & UHF LNAs Al Ward, W5LUA
North American VHF and Above Distance Records Al Ward, W5LUA