The K4UHF Award

The K4UHF Award is presented annually to an individual in recognition of exceptional contributions and service to the Society, or VHF/UHF in general.

Any member may nominate a candidate by submitting a name and supporting data to the SVHFS President. Final selection of the recipient shall be made by the Board of Directors. The award is presented at the conference banquet.

The past winners of this award are:

  • 1998 – Charles Osborne, WD4MBK (now K4CSO), for his many years of promoting vhf/uhf activities.
  • 1999 – Steve Kostro, N2CEI, for his achievements in equipment design and services to the vhf/uhf community.
  • 2000 – Reed Fisher, W2CQH, for many, many technical contributions over the years, particularly in filter design.
  • 2001 – Tom Whitted, WA8WZQ, for all his activities promoting vhf/uhf, contesting, the Dayton VHF Banquet and the Monday night 75 meter weak signal net.
  • 2002 – Dexter McIntyre, W4DEX, for his continuous support of VHF and UHF activities, particularly on 432 and 1296.
  • 2003 – James “Bunky” Botts, K4EJQ, for his continuing service to the vhf/uhf community.
  • 2004 – Al Ward, W5LUA for his continuing service to the amateur community.
  • 2005 – Steve Powlishen, K1FO.
  • 2006 – Joe Taylor, K1JT.
  • 2007 – In memory of Fred Runkle, K4KAZ.
  • 2008 – Sandra Esteves, DEMI (now K4SME)
  • 2010 – Dick Hanson, K5AND
  • 2011 – Jimmy Long, W4ZRZ
  • 2012 – Dennis Motschenbacher, K7BV