The SVHFS June Contest Award & Plaque Program

One of the SVHF Society’s purposes is to promote and stimulate activity on the VHF and above bands. The Society has recognized that a National VHF/UHF/Microwave Contest winner coming from within the ARRL Southeast Division, though not impossible, is highly improbable. Therefore, to award those from the division that put forth their best effort in the National competition, a Regional award has been enacted. It has been decided by the Board of Directors of the SVHF Society that the Society will sponsor four “June VHF Contest” ARRL plaques for class winners in the Southeastern Division in the 2017 June VHF contest. Hopefully, this will create inter divisional activity and competition and provide a “Stepping Stone” and motivation to possibly accomplish a National Winner in the ARRL’s premier VHF contest.

The Society has a limited budget. Each Plaque cost $75 and one Plaque was funded by a private donation in the Society’s name. This allowed the Society’s Board of Directors to choose four classes of operation for its Plaque Program at this time. BUT- we would like to sponsor more! If you are interested in the possibility of sponsoring a Plaque or making a donation towards the effort, please contact any Board member or Officer of the Society. For a list of available plaques, please visit the ARRL’s website at and do a search for “June Plaques”.

The following are the Sponsored Plaques for 2017 in the Society’s Name:

  • Top Score Multi Operator within the Southeast Division
  • Top Score Limited Multi Operator within the Southeast Division
  • Top Score Single Operator, High Power within the Southeast Division
  • Top Score Rover within the Southeast Division

Download the PDF document